The maritime industry in the UAE has expanded due to year-round sunshine and a rise in the construction of waterfront properties. This has led to an increase in the popularity of water sport, and fishing and leisure activities, and has helped transform the country into one of the world’s leading boat manufacturing hubs. Supporting the industry’s growth, the annual Dubai International Boat Show is a great platform that showcases models from both local and international boat builders. Seeing the rapid growth of the maritime industry as a profitable business opportunity, ATI has launched a first class boat manufacturing facility.

Instinct Marine

Instinct Marine is a manufacturer of premium sport fishing boats, and the first to introduce a boat specifically designed for the waters, weather and wave characteristics of the Gulf region. Having combined advanced hydrodynamic studies, detailed engineering and cutting edge designs, the company manufacturers boats using state-of-the-art fabrication processes at its private first class Dubai-based facility.

To meet the requirements of the region, its latest model ‘Instinct 360’ has been designed with a brand new hull and deck, and space which fits up to four 350 Hp engines. Having established new quality standards, it offers the perfect balance between sport fishers and luxury cruisers, and aims to redefine boat building in the region.

Learn more about Instinct Marine and its 36 foot sport fisher.