The Personal Approach

We commit our time, resources, and expertise to each one of our companies using a strong support model, and always maintain a personal approach to ensure their potential is maximised. Our business professionals have a vast range of skills to help our companies through every process. We provide businesses with access to capital to jump start their idea, and offer strategic guidance through our support network, creating dynamic partnerships. Through our credibility and strong network, we enable businesses to achieve their business objectives. We believe in social entrepreneurship and translate it in all we do, across our portfolio of companies.

Access to Capital

We provide you with the finance required to jump start your business.

Support Network

We empower entrepreneurs and partners alike using our Support Network and provide them with strategic guidance through Industry Expertise, Business Development & Strategic Counselling, Strategic Marketing, Recruitment as well as Financial Planning, thus; enabling them to realise their full potential.

Dynamic Partnership

We implement a dynamic and decisive hands-on approach to investment with our partners, and strive towards mutual strategic benefits to further nurture the growth of the businesses we invest in.


Given our reputation, diversified portfolio of ventures, and in-depth market expertise, we offer strong credibility that translates across our partnerships.


Access to a strong network of industry-wide expertise and resources empower our partners with further strategic development opportunities and maturity.

Social Entrepreneurship

We believe in giving back to the community and provide opportunities towards contributing to the development of the local economy.