The Team

We have a multi-functional team of business professionals with diverse backgrounds from all over the world including Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and the MENA region. Our culturally diverse organisation also supports and employs the best of the UAE’s talent.

Essam Al Tamimi

Founder & Chairman

Essam, the Founder of Al Tamimi Investments, continues to play an active role by being involved in early stages of investment, building on established relationships as well as participating in CSR initiatives of the Al Tamimi Investments Group. Essam gained his undergraduate degree in the UAE before attending Harvard Law School in the USA. Bringing with him experience in all manners of business entrepreneurship, Essam founded Al Tamimi & Company and has nurtured it into one of the largest and most dynamic non-affiliated law firms in the Middle East. Now, the law firm operates 14 offices across 8 countries and has developed a strong focus on investment. Giving back to society and the local community, Essam is actively involved in promoting impact investing in the UAE and across the region.


Rachael Wunsch


Rachael established Al Tamimi Investments with Essam in 2006. Her ambition, drive and experience in managing high profile companies have helped to cement her pivotal role within the company. Rachael has a strong desire to develop entrepreneurial ideas into successful businesses, and a proven track record of spotting talented individuals. Her commitment to CSR has seen her take a chance on a number of business minded students, taking the time to support those through the business start-up process. The driving force behind the company’s vision, Rachael sets the Group’s strategic direction.

Paul Dinan


Paul holds the financial helm of Al Tamimi Investments and all of its subsidiaries. As a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, and with a degree in Economics & Accountancy, Paul brings over thirty years’ experience to the company and is fit at steering the company to financial efficiency. He takes the time to nurture and develop business start-ups, as well as provide valuable risk assessment and regulatory compliance.


Arpit Juneja

Group Venture Manager

Arpit plays an integral role in identifying the feasibility of new business opportunities, ensuring they are in line with the company’s investment approach and supporting their incorporation into the Group. He is highly diligent and committed to effective financial management, and makes sure that ATI’s businesses are fully compliant with International Financial Reporting standards as well as international corporate governance practises. Arpit holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, and is a member of the Affiliate Association of Certified Chartered Accountants.

Rebecca Villiers

Human Resource Manager

Rebecca leads the HR function within the Al Tamimi Investments Group. Focused on business success and employee engagement, she recruits the best possible talent and aims to ensure talent retention whilst embedding the ATI culture in each and every subsidiary. Her passion for people are core to understanding the individual needs of all employees. Rebecca holds a degree in HR Management from the University of Lincoln in the UK, and takes the time to tailor services and projects for future growth.