Support Services

The support services industry has grown incredibly in recent years as companies in industries such as healthcare, education, defence and others have faced increased pressure to reduce costs and mobilise large scale operations in the shortest possible period of time. Businesses in these sectors progressively seek assistance from companies able to provide support in operational areas that can be complicated and time-consuming.

ATI has three subsidiaries, namely Accuro, ATI Solutions and Taskgate that provide focused support services to their clients. Accuro’s services mean that clients are not faced with the additional operational challenges that are common in providing services such as catering, cleaning and security among others. ATI Solutions is able to assist clients by providing visa, company set-up, attestation and translation services whereas Taskgate connects companies with expert providers of business services to reduce overhead costs.

Our support services portfolio includes:

Accuro Specialist Support Services

Accuro is a UAE-based regional provider of world-class, cost-efficient catering and support services to educational institutes, healthcare providers and corporations across the country. It offers in-depth specialist knowledge in design, fit-out and operation retail food service facilities. The key to success in this business is the ability to control cost and constantly optimise operations – this has contributed significantly to Accuro’s growth in the market.

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ATI Solutions

cropped-ATISServing large corporations, SMEs and small businesses, ATI solutions offers PRO, typing, translation and associated services. With in-depth functional and industry expertise, ATI Solutions can help clients set-up their business in the UAE or can make a material contribution to their client’s growth. Its knowledge, expertise and local insight allow it to provide assistance with complex processes.

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Taskgate is a marketplace helping businesses get thingstask-gate_logo-2500x2500-01 done by connecting forward thinking clients with expert providers of business services in a flexible, secure and professional way. Taskgate’s experts are readily available to work on tasks and projects within the sectors of Marketing, Finance, Technology, Legal, and Learning and Development. Facilitating flexibility, Taskgate enables clients to have more control of their headcount and budgets while its experts can work around their own schedule. Offering a seamless end-to-end project management service, Taskgate also handle the payment process to give both parties peace of mind.

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