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EAT Artisanal Bakery

E, A and T the three sweetest letters in the English language. It has been said that you shouldn’t have anything in your home that you don’t love. The same applies to your coffee break snack, your sandwich on the run or your lazy lunch. Just because you’re eating as you hot foot it back to the office or as you juggle two babies and an excitable spaniel, doesn’t mean it can’t blow your mind. We are in the business of blowing minds, which is why we use local produce whenever we can to create mouth-watering dishes.

Made up of a team of foodies who are passionate about making great food, we cater to your every craving. We even have a specially designed kids’ menu that will keep the little ones happy and an area to keep them entertained, so you can sit back and relax and enjoy your meal – imagine that for a minute. As with songs, food evoke memories. EAT is more than just thoughtful, home-cooked food, it’s a home from home with an artisanal spin. We’re not going to write your name on your coffee cup, we will know your name because you’re family.

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