Production Manager

Job Summary

The Production Manager is responsible for providing leadership and direction to department and team members in order to meet production goals, ensure a safe work environment, and meet client specifications.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

Monitoring and managing all areas of production on behalf of the Company

Coordinate directly with the Design Department to receive the accurate cutting list for each production order that is required for each project

Understanding the priority of particular projects and ensuring all deadlines and timeframes are met

Review the design of the project to understand the quantity and ensure this matches the requirements

Delegate items of work to the Production Department and monitor all progress completed

Ensure all quantities are correct for each order and project

Monitor all completed orders and ensure that all is up to the quality standards of the Company

Coordinate directly with Project Engineers based on site for any additional site materials that may be required

Ensure that all production requirements are completed, and the materials are provided to site within the allocated timeframe

Coordinate directly with the Procurement Department for assistance on any outstanding materials

Attend weekly meetings with the General Manager to plan all production timelines

Provide all drawings to the Production Department and explain all details required for the order to be completed according to the drawings

Coordinate directly with the Design Department for clarifications on the design or any discrepancies in the drawings

Ensure to have the Design Department and the General Manager aware of the materials and equipment available

Anticipate busy periods throughout the year and plan ahead for production requirements

Attending Recruitment trips on behalf of the Company and choose the most highly skilled labors to join the Production Department

Ensure that the team are being lead in the right direction to follow each process accurately and efficiently for each project

Ensure that the team are being upskilled throughout the year and that all skills and expertise are being utilized efficiently

Qualifications & Desired Skills

A degree in Engineering or similar course

Ability to work under pressure on multiple projects in a fast-paced environment

Knowledge of design drawings

Key Competencies

Organisational Skills

Communication Skills

Problem Solving

Management Skills

Technical Skills

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