We have a multi-functional team of business professionals hailing from across the globe. Our culturally diverse organisation also supports and employs the best of the UAE’s talent.

Essam Al Tamimi

Founder & Chairman

Essam, the Founder of Al Tamimi Investments, plays an active role in the company by being involved in early stages of investment, building on established relationships as well as participating in CSR initiatives by the Al Tamimi Investments Group. Essam achieved his undergraduate degree in the UAE before attending Harvard Law School in the USA. Bringing with him experience in all facets of business entrepreneurship, Essam founded Al Tamimi & Company, a reputed legal practice, and has nurtured it into the largest and most dynamic non-affiliated law firms in the Middle East. Today, the law firm operates 14 offices across eight countries, with a strong focus on investment. Passionate about giving back to society and the local community, Essam works tirelessly to promote impactful investing in the UAE and across the region.

Rachael Wunsch


Driven by a strong desire to develop entrepreneurial ideas into successful businesses, Rachael helped establish Al Tamimi Investments in 2006. Her ambition, drive and proven track record of spotting talented entrepreneurs and helping them develop their potential have helped to cement her pivotal role within the company, supported by her experience in managing countries across the world.

As CEO of Al Tamimi Investments, Rachael is responsible for managing the firm and its diverse portfolio of investments as well as for setting the strategic direction of the company.

Rebecca Kable

Human Resource Manager

Rebecca leads the HR function within the Al Tamimi Investments Group. Focused on business success and employee engagement, she recruits the best possible talent and aims to ensure talent retention whilst embedding the ATI culture within each and every subsidiary. Her passion for people is core to understanding the individual needs of all employees. Rebecca holds a degree in HR Management from the University of Lincoln in the UK, and takes the time and effort to tailor ATI’s team-focused services and projects to ensure positive future growth.

Laura Parkes

Head of Marketing

Laura is a strategic marketing leader with 20 years of experience in brand building, marketing solutions and revenue growth for both B2B and B2C audiences. She has a rich background working across multiple industries such as media, tech and education, driving positive impact that adheres to the core pillars of reach, engagement, revenue and reputation. Laura is skilled at delivering strategic vision with a focus on implementation. She is passionate about developing innovative as well as engaging digital experiences.

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