Core to our culture is empowering people to not only realise their business’ potential, but their own too. With a dynamic and motivating work methodology complemented by a hands-on approach, we ensure that our partnerships bring out the best for all parties. By translating this ethos across all our businesses, we  continue to achieve the highest levels of growth and success.

Giving back to the community
We support a plethora of different sustainable initiatives within our community, passionately encouraging our portfolio of ventures to adopt practices, as well as their own initiatives, that will positively impact their surroundings. Our ultimate aim is to create businesses that actively understand the importance of sustainability within the modern, commercial world.

Creating career opportunities
We are on the constant lookout for ambitious, skilled and highly motivated individuals looking for an exciting, fast-paced and challenging career. We train, develop and educate each member of our ATI team to the highest levels and also conduct relevant in-house programmes for them. The tailor-made programmes are devised to suit our industry’s needs and requirements, with a special emphasis being placed on work quality as well as customer/client relations and satisfaction.

Enabling economic development
ATI seeks to enhance economies through profitable ventures, embracing a cosmopolitan spirit of diversity that respects each location’s cultural heritage. Our aim is not just to enhance our shareholders’ investment portfolio, but to also elevate the overall quality of life of those within our community.

Nurturing entrepreneurship
We are focused on a dynamic and decisive approach to investment. We operate a straightforward and effective business model and our strong and dynamic team of local and international business professionals is highly skilled in identifying commercial potential and translating it into live, profitable business entities.

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