Following in our Founder and Chairman’s vision, we are committed to strengthening the local communities we operate in by providing valuable entrepreneurship opportunities as well as by supporting impactful social and environmental initiatives.

At ATI, we truly believe that environmental and social sustainability are as important as commercial gains.

The Big Start – Student Entrepreneur Competition
Envisioned as an initiative that empowers local talent, promotes the economy, supports education, and encourages individuals to follow their dreams, The Big Start is a platform for those who wish to implement their innovative ideas, develop a solid business plan and execute their vision. An experienced team from ATI Investments nurtures and mentors deserving young minds through the business start-up phase, after which they continue their career path in conjunction with ATI.

Building Sustainable Businesses
We are strong believers in the concept of socially responsible and sustainable investments. We recognise it as a critical business imperative and will continue to review business choices based on sustainability. We actively encourage green practices throughout our portfolio, with the ultimate aim to create businesses that focus not only on their profits, but on their people and the planet as a whole too.

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